Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What to Wear, What NOT toWear

Osama Mask
I remember when I worked for the airlines, we were always encouraged to get into the spirit of the holidays. With the increase sensitivity of "Homeland Security", the flying public better use some common sense. (Some people take their jobs just a little too seriously)

MSNBC.com has a pretty amusing article about costumes people have actually worn to the airport on Halloween.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Big Bottoms, Bad for Bottom Line

Chinese Airline Must Reduce Number of Seats Because of Overweight Passengers, apparently we Americans are not the only group with an obesity problem.

China Eastern Airline is being forced to rearrange their seating to accommodate a burgeoning number of overweight passengers. A source at the Airline is quoted saying that they are going to need to remove 20 seats from their A321s because their passengers are getting too large for the current configuration.

It turns out that the Chinese population's growing bottoms will cause a shrinking bottom line at the airlines. (ouch !)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Hamster Grounds Austrian Flight

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NO it wasn't "Snakes on a Plane," but an Austrian Airlines flight made an unscheduled stop Friday after a passenger sneaked a hamster aboard and It escaped.

The flight made a stop in Innsbruck so officials could search for the hamster and make sure it didn't gnaw through any wiring, the airline said.

The flight was diverted after a passenger notified the crew that he had brought a hamster aboard and had lost track of it. Passengers were ordered off the plane, and it was not clear how many people were aboard.

By midafternoon, a search of the aircraft still had not turned up any sign of the hamster, authorities said. Austrian Airlines said the jet would remain grounded until the hamster was found "because it can't take off that way for safety reasons."

Monday, October 02, 2006

Flight Attendants Accuse of Sex Romp

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TWO Qantas male flight attendants have been suspended amid claims they romped with a young female passenger in the galley of a plane.

...But the attendants have furiously denied... (of Course) ...A third male flight attendant claiming he witnessed kissing & sexual activity... (tattle tail) ...The Flight attendants are urging Qantas to track down the young woman... (definately)

A Qantas spokesman said the attendants had been suspended while the claims were investigated. "The inquiry is ongoing and we will not be adding to that at this stage," the spokesman said.

Well you get the idea...